In general, management reviews the Procurement Services Unit (ULP) is done in several stages. Management review process Procurement Services Unit (ULP) is as follows:

1 Preparation of management review.
preparation of the technical implementation of the concept of management review, ranging from scheduling, material data required for management review and the division of tasks. Furthermore, meeting the Procurement Services Unit (ULP) will provide correction and approval of concept implementation of management review.

2 Implementation of the management review.
related data collection program Procurement Services Unit (ULP) of each field with reference to the quality objectives Procurement Services Unit (ULP). The result of this discussion is accompanied by a description of obstacles, correction and prevention / new breakthrough made ​​in the implementation of its programs. The result of the discussion was delivered to the secretary II Procurement Services Unit (ULP) as the Management Representative, to be a compilation and analysis of effectiveness and efficiency of the system.

3 Reporting management review.
analysis results on the effectiveness and efficiency of the Procurement Services Unit (ULP) is made ​​in a written report and presented. The concept of a written report is submitted to all parties Procurement Services Unit (ULP) to do the review. Furthermore, revisions to the report submitted to the UB Leadership for guidance and policies related to the Procurement Services Unit (ULP).

Semester Management Review

Written on August 15, 2014

Coordination meeting with Rector of Brawijaya University, who also attended Committing Officer (PPK) and Working Group of Procurement Services Unit (ULP) UB on Friday, August 8, 2014, at Assembly Hall Rector Building, 6th floor with a discussion agenda Bidding Implementation Report 2014 and 2015 Procurement Plan.

Until End of Month July 2014 Procurement has completed 56 packets that have entered the ULP from a total of 65 packages on the General Plan is divided 13 Package Procurement Consultancy Services; 18 Package 25 Package Construction Services and other goods and services.

In addition to discussing the results of Procurement also discuss a bit of clarity of Procurement Services Unit (ULP) itself and still studied and followed up.